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Using the AIM Buddy List® feature you can see when your buddies are online and available to instant message.The newest version of AIM lets you to take instant messaging to the next level!

Maybe it was because you knew that whoever was online was also chatting with multiple people, and that you would not occupy 100% of that person’s attention unless they wanted for you to.

Those Pavlovian opening/closing door sounds triggered the hope that maybe the girl/guy you liked had just signed on.

Though you wouldn’t want to message them right away for fear of looking like you were waiting for them to sign on…The opportunity for you to individualize your anonymous online identity (while letting people know that you were an a Zn Gu RL born in ‘86). The ability to have intimate real-time conversations with numerous people at the same time was amazing.

When you were on AIM, you didn’t just put up an away message or sign off without saying ‘ttyl’.

You always started fresh when you signed on and instant messaged your buddy. In fact, your message wouldn’t be delivered to people who weren’t online at the same time!

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