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Since most marriages are done by a religious authority in any religion, who did yours?This tells me something – not that my own marriage or life is so interesting, but that the Church is providing very little in the way of resources for anyone thinking of marrying outside its ranks. In America more generally, about 1 in 3 marriages is now interfaith; for Mormons it’s only about 1 in 9.Very, very important conversation – and one you should revisit many times.4) No one else in our families was at all religious – and my dad had left by that time anyway – so for us this wasn’t an issue.However, if I’m perfectly honest I have to admit it was a bit painful when all her little cohorts were getting baptized LDS and she just wasn’t interested.So: have you and your boyfriend talked about how you would raise any kids you have?Some parishes have joint celebrations for Christmas Day.

For example, many churches light a small fire of blessed palms and burn frankincense to commemorate the three wise men’s (also known as Magi) gifts to baby Jesus.3) Even the most communicative and respectful couple may find that having kids is a game-changer.You’re surprised by how emotional you get about raising them a certain way.Riley’s research shows, though, that most people who are exploring interfaith marriage focus almost solely on the wedding, which is just one day: Who will do the ceremony? Also, make sure you’re OK with going to the temple alone when almost all the other people on your ward temple trip will be married couples on a dewy-eyed date night.That can be surprisingly sad even when you have a happy interfaith marriage.

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