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Most people are ignorant as to the fact that the term sex offender is a broad term which includes people who were simply caught peeing in a public park because the bathrooms were locked, people that had consensual sex with a minor that they thought was 18 or older because the minor had lied to them, people who were BOTH under 18 and engaged in sexual consent acts such as sexting each other, etc., and these groups of people actually make up over 90% of the sex offender registry. **Branding a human being and FOREVER denying them the right to leave a country is exactly what the Nazi’s did to the Jewish people and it‘s also a form of slavery.

Now I have to have a passport that reports my crime. Thank God MS doesn’t do the sex offender “treatment”. The duration is at the discretion of the agency issuing you a passport- if you’re a U. I have never traveled internationally and am.planning to go to the Netherlands and check republic in 2019 and have contacted those embassies and I was told that it is up to airport immigration at my time of arrival.The United States actually pays the wages of US law enforcement to live and work in other countries to prevent sex crimes and control the entry of sex offenders into that country. More sooner than later politations that build reputation on sex offender laws will find a long slippery slope.One example would be the Republic of the Philippines. These laws either cross constitutional bounties or soon will. ONCE ONE HAS PAID FOR THEIR CRIME AND LIVE WITHIN THE LAW, STATE INVOLVMENT SHOULD STOP. Or it’ll just get worst with ever catholic priest call out.Keep in mind that this new regulation does not apply to all registered sex offenders, just people who are registered child sex offenders.Crimes that can land you on a child sex offender registry include molestation of a minor, sexual conduct with a minor, kidnapping a child, engaging in lewd acts in the presence of a minor, and viewing or sharing child pornography (whether inadvertently or on purpose).

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The only convicted sex offenders in the United States who are not able to get passports at all are people who have been convicted of sex tourism crimes.

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