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raise the penalties to lower the demand," added the three-time senator and first woman to be elected head of the Philippines' Upper House.

At least 400,000 people in the country - or one in 250 - are estimated to be trapped in modern slavery, according to the 2016 Global Slavery Index by the Walk Free Foundation.

Police raided the house of John Lloyd Carlos, alias "Madame J. Recovered from the raid were two desktop computers, sex toys, mobile phones, bank passbooks, and a documents that appeared to be a payroll. According to the police, the suspects perform indecent acts in front of the webcam for a fee. I will change my line of business.) The suspects have been turned over to the custody of CIDG Quezon.She cited a recent case in Queensland, Australia, where a man was spared jail and fined US0 (S6.95) after being convicted of receiving explicit images of two girls from a Filipina mother."This calls for amending the lenient sentences that their laws mete upon those who prey on Filipino children...That wording seems a bit awkward, but it certainly seems to suggest that even willing cybersex is now illegal if it's done "for favor or consideration." People in the Philippines are quite reasonably worried that the language here is quite broad. It seems a bit on the harsh side: Any person found guilty of any of the punishable acts enumerated in Section 4(c)(1) of this Act shall be punished with imprisonment of prision mayor or a fine of at least Two hundred thousand pesos (Ph P200,000.00) but not exceeding One million pesos (Ph Pl,000,000.00) or both. basically cybersex is a crime in the Philippines that could net you more than six years in jail... Prision mayor appears to mean at least six years in prison.

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