Policy on dating coworkers

Protecting the company from liability is the top priority, and if the proper policies are put in place and upheld, then the happy couple can live the dream and not become an HR nightmare.

Example: written reprimand, transfer, demotion, termination. Address sexual harassment–State outright that any alleged sexual harassment will be handled in a legally proper manner and that the company has a zero-tolerance policy.Add specifics on public displays of affection and professionalism (such as reminding the parties to address each other by name, and not a nickname or pet name.) An employer can’t force an employee to sign a consensual romance contract but can explain to the employees how a written documentation of their relationship can protect both them and the company from potential issues in the future.A consensual romance contract should be completed by the couple and reviewed by HR to ensure that the employees understand and can successfully follow the guidelines of the contract.The contract should include information on the company’s sexual harassment and discrimination policies, as well as information about whom to contact for help.Include information on inappropriate conduct and the expectation that the relationship won’t affect others or their individual work.

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