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We enjoy sharing pics of the mrs, love to hear what guys would like to do with her.Have met, usually spur of the moment when we have been chatting to non pushy guys.Many polyamorists in the 70 percent bracket live in triads or quads where each adult participant has sexual relations (1) with every other person or (2) with just one other person or (3) with a few members of the group.The most common numerical cluster seems to be that of a triad of two males and one female living together.Hi Im looking for friendship first I have no expectations of others looking to make a friendship with a genuine soul not looking for perfections ....I have a Whitty sense of humour Im like marmite u either love me or..While breakup rates are rather fuzzy, some poly-marriages last a decade, even two. First, as a “familial group” of more than two polyamorous adults who usually exercise their respective multi-sex partnerships under the same roof.The longest term poly-marriage reported—an outlier, for sure—was that of a husband and wife legally married for 40 years, where each spouse was “committed” to a relationship with a second partner for 20 years. Or, second, as a household consisting of polyamorous adults some of whom also opt to include their children within the menagerie.

Feeling all warm and gooey because your spouse had a great time banging someone else is not something we’re socialized to feel…. ” “There’s no intelligent life on this planet.” where all of reality is ambiguous and uncertain if not completely unknowable; the internet is the codex; political correctness paralyzes almost everyone’s mind and will; and the objective meaning of traditional institutions, such as marriage and the use of sex within marriage, is replaced by a plethora of subjective revisions.

My sense about polyamorist activism is this: There’s a slow-moving, off-the-radar, but politically savvy polyamory contingent who are in the same place now as the gay activists were 30 years ago.

They initially plan to “out” themselves while, simultaneously, working assiduously to gain the recognition and respect of a majority of the polity. They hope the projected groundswell of positive—or at least, non-judgmental—populist attitudes toward polyamory will convince the judiciary that polyamory “throuples” have the same constitutional right to marry as opposite- and same-sex couples.

Weekends only , but the Mrs does like chatting and fl..

A fairly mature and responsible man who's also up for some fun and experimentation!

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One very informal poll estimates somewhere around 30 percent of the polyamorous community follow the primary/secondary model.

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