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The date of this eruption has far reaching consequences in the archaeology of the Aegean, Egypt and the Levant, and the understanding of their interconnections.We analyzed the radiocarbon concentrations in cross-sections from a modern olive tree trunk as well as from a living branch, and obtained near-annual resolution dates using the radiocarbon “bomb peak”.The assumption is that the latest wood cells formed near the bark represents the last year of growth, before being buried under the tephra, and the wood growth layers further away from the bark are older.Thus a sequence of chronologically consecutive samples may be “wiggled-matched” to find an exact location on the radiocarbon calibration curve Century.In this work, we explore the wood of modern olive trees grown in northern Israel, utilizing radiocarbon dating at near-annual resolution, enabled by the “bomb peak”C were much more subtle, leading to the assignment of a wider window of time possible for dating the sample.Here we examine a cross-section from a living olive branch bearing green leaves, and we expand the investigation of the whole olive tree cross-section studied previously by us.We therefore try to avoid using ring number terminology, and refer to sampling points using arbitrary numbers for each cross-section.

Identifying annual rings in olive wood is not straightforward that visually identified growth rings in olive trees are not necessarily annual, as there is a discrepancy between the number of rings identified and the number of years expected between them.

These findings challenge the interpretation of the results obtained from dating the olive branch from the Santorini volcanic eruption, as it could predate the eruption by a few decades.

In addition, our results are also significant for any future studies based on archaeologically preserved olive wood.

Cambial growth in the respective vascular region in the stem will also cease, while the rest of the tree can continue to live normally.

A similar phenomenon, where regions on the circumference of the tree’s cross-section may die while others continue to grow have been reported for a number of coniferous species growing under adverse conditions, and as they grow in close proximity, the friction at their interface can cause bark breakage.

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