Problems updating k750i firmware

I believe having a phone without any problems is more important that it's capacity to have 1 hour duration for recording etc,so I'll choose SE K 750i,though it may has some lacks like not being stylish(as I told u before that SE is not a stylish phone),or not having a good camera;etc. wildheart u just have bad luck i got my k750 and it has no problems at all.. only thing i don't like is the handsfree that comes w/ it..the earpieces are too big and don't fit in my ear haha my problem is actually i can't find out how to access the phone memory..Klipsch is committed to providing excellent support for our products, and that includes providing firmware updates and drivers when necessary.If a product has a firmware update, it will be listed here.Not to mention that each time a Sony phone / tablet model is released, the Update Service immediately becomes available for that particular device.As far as I can tell, I have followed all the instructions on updating the firmware (installed the Flash device drivers etc).Users of older models are required to remove and reinsert the battery, while owners of newer devices (such as smart phones) are supposed to turn off the phone and wait for 30 seconds.

Sony ericsson is currently the most rated manfucator in cell phone world.

Also, the battery needs to be charged to at least 50%, because the update process eats up a considerable quantity of juice.

In the next step, you are required to select your phone model and follow the on-screen instructions.

When i use my symbian phones ive used ultra mp3 ,ogg player,antivirus thats it really because looking thru all the sites handandgo etc most of the apps are phrase books an ereader world clocks and nothing substantial yet in my mind all these items are their on the phone or bought via some posted earlier and this phone has the lot really except push to talk which isnt available where i am (UK)the screen is exceptionally bright even at its lowest setting of 50%,good lithium polymer batt,alarms diaries good camera,video and i find it fairly easy to use after you get used to all it sub menus,its biddy,does not ache my hand because its lite.

According to earlier posts im running the latest s/ware it crashed twice on first day but sure now its my fault just getting used to it its never happened again.

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During my searches I understood 3230 may be the best symbian phone currently in the market,consider 1.3 MP camera comared to 6670 or 7610,and almost the same price with 6670.

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