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[Image: City Year,, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0,]The theory of emerging adulthood proposes that a new life stage has arisen between adolescence and young adulthood over the past half-century in industrialized countries.

Fifty years ago, most young people in these countries had entered stable adult roles in love and work by their late teens or early twenties.

In developing countries, although today emerging adulthood exists only among the middle-class elite, it can be expected to grow in the 21st century as these countries become more affluent.

Think for a moment about the lives of your grandparents and great-grandparents when they were in their twenties.

The Journal supports innovative theoretical and empirical articles that help direct the future of our field.

Critical issues include the importance of life-long education, work and family changes, and physical and mental health influencing adult development.

Intimate interactions and relationships affect adaptations to the changing needs and stresses that evolve with each stage of development throughout one's lifetime.

Such modifications are the results of interpersonal relationships that begin to form during early life.

Emerging adulthood is found mainly in developed countries, where most young people obtain tertiary education and median ages of entering marriage and parenthood are around 30.There are variations in emerging adulthood within developed countries.It lasts longest in Europe, and in Asian developed countries, the self-focused freedom of emerging adulthood is balanced by obligations to parents and by conservative views of sexuality.In addition, the impact of personality, emotions, cognition, and biomarkers are areas of interest.The Journal of Adult Development emphasizes the importance of interindividual differences and contextual issues influencing adult development.

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