Radgrid datasource not updating

Then, I export that grid data to Excel file with Grid Excel Export Format. The problem here is when I open the newly exported Excel file, the date format is changed to "MM/dd/yyyy".I want to keep displaying my date format "dd/MM/yyyy" in the Excel file after exporting the grid data.The same issue happens in the Telerik online demo page https://demos.telerik.com/aspnet-ajax/grid/mobile-examples/overview/default.aspx? Open the above page using the latest google chrome2.Open dev tools and pick mobile browser i Phone 5/SE (note: problem also happens on Android)3. Drag a column up or down using the hamburger icon (3 horizontal lines)5.I have tried extending my Extra class by INotify Property Changed and INotify Property Changing, as well as calling the event whenever a value is updated, with no success.I have also tried calling several relevent events for the Rad Grid View object, but nothing seems to work.

It shows the group name, and also an Edit and a Delete button. This is a seperate ASPX page that shows up in the Rad Window.

I cannot seem to trigger an event when I edit the child grid. Note: This is a winform application PS: When I update the master template the binding list gets updated automatically as expected, but when I update the template I use as detail, it does not update the biding list.

Hi, we are having a problem with the column picker, we are trying to move columns and they are getting "stuck".

Rad Grid then automatically connects to the data service, retrieves the result and databinds.

I have initialized the extras list in my initializer and everything I have works fine, except for one thing - when a value is changed in my Rad Grid View cells, namely a checkbox, the value does not update immediately after clicking, and I am required to click once more for the desired outcome.

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