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Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with his partner, but even when you compare her to his first wife it is a downgrade in the looks department.But perhaps that is one of the main issues, and as long as the marriage is working happily, it's unlikely he will complain.He might not be one of the greatest NBA players and he isn't one of the best looking in the sport either, but he does boast the finances of an NBA player, something that certainly attracts some of the worlds most beautiful women.When he originally joined the Toronto Raptors, he was given a million deal over the course of four years, something that is certainly going to bring him some attention given the things he can buy and the places he can take a potential partner.Horford certainly has skill in his chosen sport as one of the NBA's most versatile big men and is a threat every year for an All-Star spot.But despite that, there is no doubt that he is punching above his weight in his love life, well-done sir, well done.

But, that isn't the case for Russell, his partner is a good looking lady but not one of the hottest WAG's in the NBA, and given how he tends to act you would likely be surprised by the choice.Whether its due to the riches and fame or the fact they are just nice people is unknown.However, some of their partner choices will surprise you and that is why this list will look at 10 NBA players who are dating well out of their league, and 10 who could have done better. Content Header .feed_item_answer_user .anon_user.logged_out . Quite often, I receive dating-related questions from girls in high school.

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