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Parker's mother immersed her children in culture and extracurricular activities; she often took them to free public institutions like the ballet and the theatre in Cincinnati, so that they lived "full, rich lives." Her family moved to Cincinnati and then to Dobbs Ferry, New York, near New York City, so that she could get specialized training.

There, her mother and stepfather helped Parker develop her career as a child actress.

In 1977, the family moved to the newly opened planned community on Roosevelt Island, in the East River between Manhattan and Queens, and later to Manhattan.

The family later moved to Englewood, New Jersey, where Parker attended Dwight Morrow High School.

Following the end of Sex and the City, rumors of a film version circulated, until preparations for a production were resumed in 2007, and the film was released on May 30, 2008. In the interim, Parker teamed up with Hugh Grant for the romantic comedy Did You Hear About the Morgans?

(2009), playing a recently separated New York power couple on the verge of divorce until they witness the murder of man.

In the three years that followed, Parker was cast in four films: the most significant being Footloose (1984) and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (1985), with Helen Hunt.

Her character was widely popular during the airing of the series and was later recognized as one of the greatest female characters in American television., in which she made part of a large ensemble cast consisting of Jack Nicholson, Glenn Close, Pierce Brosnan, among others, portraying a chat-show host whose head is transposed with that of her chihuahua by the invading aliens.The romantic comedy The First Wives Club saw Parker take on the role of a dim-witted but manipulative fiancée, and also reunite with Hocus Pocus collaborator Bette Midler.She was selected for a role in the new 1977–81 Broadway musical Annie: first in the small role of "July" and then succeeding Andrea Mc Ardle and Shelley Bruce in the lead role of the Depression-era orphan, beginning March 1979. In 1982, Parker obtained the lead role of the CBS sitcom Square Pegs, which lasted just one season.Her performance as a shy teen who showed hidden depths, nevertheless, was acclaimed by critics.

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She later reprised the role in films Sex and the City (2008) and Sex and the City 2 (2010).

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