Sccm collection based on ou not updating

SMS_MP_CONTROL_MANAGER 5/27/2009 AM 5908 (0x1714) Completed periodic tasks.SMS_MP_CONTROL_MANAGER 5/27/2009 AM 5908 (0x1714) Are those errors being reported back to the servers event logs under the System or Applications event logs?

The computer has discovered the OU it belongs to but it doesnt appear in that specific collection.

Reccur every 1 days ACTIVE DIRECTORY SYSTEM GROUP DISCOVERY USING CUSTOM SCHEDULE Start 5/20/2009 at pm. My problem is that it is not coming in that collection pointing to that Active Directory OU.

However it is coming into another collection named as All Systems which reads the entire Active Directory on the root. If a new PC is added to that OU, it doesnt appear into that collection pointing to that OU.

It appears in a separate collection named All Systems.

I checked the AD System Group discovery and collection update schedule as adviced by Taino. UPDATE COLLECTION EVERY DAY USING CUSTOM SCHEDULE Start 4/19/2009 at pm.

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