Scott am signing up with an online dating service

Jesus could come through that door and he's not gonna help you if you don't stop sniffing after my child! Dwight: [plays the recorder] That was Greensleeves. Dwight: These are cautionary tales for kids, my Grandmata used to read these--- Michael: Yeah, you know what?

Don't mind me saying so, she is turning into a stone cold fox. The paper is sent to us cut, and dyed, from a paper manufacturer, and then we sell it to a business for more than we paid for it. [the rest of the kids agree] Michael: Yes it is, well, w-w--you need someone in the middle to facilitate... Michael: You are describing Office Depot, and they're kind of running us out of business. If you had to spend a night in the Met or the Aquarium, which would it be? You don't want to help me with some of my sales, do you?

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There was a show called 'Fundle Bundle' and I was the star.

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  1. Even though the site matches rich men with pretty women, it is worth noting that Millionaire Match does not support Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies. "Millionaire highlights the 'millionaires' in its listings" by Wall Street Journal.

  2. A neighbor said that whenever Manning's elementary school went on field trips, she would give her own son extra food or money so he could make sure Manning had something to eat.