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Years on, it's still unsettling how in these scenarios everybody looks uncomfortable but Tessa.

I've tried to bury the W Network's Tessa and Scott Tessa but still recall that what came through of the Tessa and Scott Tessa made one pretty queasy about the actual Tessa who signed off on it.

Fans are called over-invested, basically sex-and-romance-starved and delusional, while Virtue and Moir signal rationality with commendable empathy and tolerance. There's a status element to it that's revolting.

Very few fans outside this blog publicly question their claims, which makes Virtue and Moir liars in portraying their fan base.

Scott, back in his more bashful days, knew the drill.

He grew up steps from his hometown rink in a family that discussed figure skating around the supper table.

“But this one, we’ve really grown together personally,” Moir said. That was really close to our hearts, we knew we wanted to skate to that music.” Moir: “Guess mission accomplished today! We don’t have to fake the feeling of looking into each other’s eyes and feeling something. We’ll have to find just in which way we want to do that. But I can say that the last two years we’ve been in a very committed relationship with our sport. “People always ask you are you like brother and sister? And they’ve maintained it that way for the past three or four years. We’ve spent hours in dark, crappy hockey rinks doing programs like this to be in this limelight and to enjoy this moment together.”We love working together. Tess and I have a unique relationship, she is like my younger but way more mature sister. “It’s really original and it can’t really be explained.” Their business relationship is their first priority, they say.Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir of Canada celebrate during the venue ceremony after winning the gold medal in the ice dance, free dance figure skating final at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Gangneung, South Korea, on Feb. The Ilderton Skating Club coach asked her nephew, Scott, to hold Tessa Virtue’s hand, because she figured they might be a strong team for ice dance competitions. Phillip/AP) Twenty-one years ago, Carol Moir made the Canadian sporting match of the century.

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