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you will have a hard time understanding the great chaos of a local pinxto bar.People going towards the bar, taking whatever they please, leaving the restaurant without paying to eat and drink out while standing outside, throwing rubbish on the ground to demonstrate happiness with the food all go hand in hand with the local pinxto traditions.San Sebastian is a city in the Basque Country (País Vasco), located on the norther coast of Spain .The city is de facto one of the three “capitals” of this autonomous Spanish region along with Vitoria and Bilbao.Maria Christina is an essential figure for this building as well as she layed the foundation stone when it was being constructed in 1888.When you visit, you should especially notice the detailed organ and impressive crypt.It might seem overwhelming but it really is rather straightforward. You take whatever you wish (or order straight from the bartender to get it fresh) and then go ahead and eat your food outside as the bars tend to be small and packed so it’s just more convenient.Once you feel like going, you return to the bar and pay. Believe it or not, but throwing a napkin or something else on the ground is a sign of courtesy – it means to say that you enjoyed the food.

They have often been eager to invite their royal friends and show off San Sebastian.Being the third biggest city in the Basque Country, San Sebastian has numerous museum with the best one being the Aquarium.You can explore different species of fish living under the water surface.It is known for it’s breathtaking natural vistas, it’s mountains and it’s world famous beaches!It’s also known as the best city for quality (and expensive) food in Spain.

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