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This modern, hip retelling of the classic tale The Twelve Dancing Princesses bursts with vibrant artwork and text that’s as energetic as the twelve toe-tapping Knight brothers themselves Teased by his brother about wanting to become a ballerina, Nate begins to believe his jokes about having to wear a tutu and pink shoes when he discovers he is the only boy in the class, in a moving story about a young boy’s big dreams and his strong determination to dance! It seems Annabelle has turned the entire town topsy-turvy with her terpsichore.

But few know the story of the man behind those gestures . George Gershwin heard music all the time—at home, at school, even on New York City’s busy streets.

She lived by her own rules and helped to shake up the status quo with wild costumes and a you-can’t-tell-me-no attitude that made her famous. Rising from a poor, segregated upbringing, Josephine was able to break through racial barriers with her own sense of flair and astonishing dance abilities.

Reverend Knight can’t understand why his twelve sons’ sneakers are torn to threads each and every morning, and the boys aren’t talking.

Bea loves everything about ballet class, from putting on her leotard and ballet slippers to bowing good-bye at the end of class.

Bright, cheerful illustrations show Bea and her class learning the basic positions and movements and show them leaping and twirling to their hearts’ delight Emma takes ballet lessons, so does Julia.

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