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All jokes aside, Gustine is the home of several of our close friends and family. So attending a Gustine party, eating at a restaurant, and especially going to a GHS sports game calls for immediate cringe and the occasional eye-roll.It’s not just the high school students filling up the lines of Carolina’s and Dos Aguas at lunch, it is EVERYONE. With ALL the restaurants being located on Main Street, it’s hard to not have Mexican food at least once a day!Whether you were a Von Renner Cougar, a Bonita Bobcat, or a Hunt Tiger, you were immediately filled with pride and school spirit. Thanks to i Funny’s timely popularity and the release of “The Motto” by Drake, Yolo Middle School became famous. A majority of your classmates have known you since diaper days.Even for seniors in high school, one of the most common debates is over which elementary school was better and who had the best teachers. Thanks to the close-knit neighborhood feel, you’ve basically done everything with the people around you and consider them family.

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It’s true, small towns can be suffocating sometimes.

But deny it all you want, eventually there will be a moment when the big world feels too heavy, and you’ll find yourself parking outside of Dos Aguas or stopping by at Orestimba to say hello to an old teacher.

Thanks to living in the Central Valley, rain is almost as rare as someone that isn’t from Newman actually knowing where Newman is.

Thus the reason why pictures, videos, and statuses flood social media anytime it rains.

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