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The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology determined that children spend about 8.6 hours per day or 62% of their waking time being sedentary. Kids are working hard to develop a sense of self at this age and will model a lot of what they see.While some sitting time is necessary (mostly at school), their time outside of school should be spent in moderate-intensity activities like helping to prepare meals or household chores or in higher-intensity activities like outdoor play or sports. Tweens are heavily influenced by television and movie characters they deem “cool.” Movies and television rated for older audiences will feed your child a steady diet of sex, drug and alcohol use, and violence before they have enough life experience to even put those images in proper context.

Help them sack out by creating good sleep routines in your home.

Of even greater concern is that there has been almost no research on the effects of these sweeteners on the still-developing bodies and brains of children.

At the end of the day, the great majority of our calories should be eaten, not drunk.

While there’s little official research on this topic, it doesn’t take a scientist to realize that provocative or revealing clothing promotes sexual thoughts, interest from boys, and earlier sexual experimentation.

Regardless of what the trends may be, you have every right to reject the status quo and set higher standards for your tween.

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