Then the red and yellow blur ran back down the stairs.I could see it starting to turn the corn and a huge smile crossed my lips.His costume was torn up and scoffed, but I figured that happen at the fight. I stare at him and he stares at me for a few seconds, however he breaks the staring contest. He points at my clothes and I couldn't help but look down too see what the problem was.I couldn't help but laugh at his position on the floor and at the fact that he fell for something has stupid has that. Though after a minute or so I sighed and offered my hand out to him. "Please, tell me you're not going to go out like that.While thinking this, I stuck out my hand to him, but he only grunts at me. "I'm Connor.""Well, it's nice to meet the two of you." Though, the next thing I know, was something dropping on my back. A smirk plaster on his face from the look of it."Get off me Bird Brain.

A bun was place on top of my head, with my favorite hair pins in it. Then there was a flash of light and Wally and I was transported to the Mount Justice. Because the group surrounded me and all at once I was bombarded with questions.

Oh, we could have a girl sleep over and be bests of friends." She kept going on and on.

I just nod my head and turned to the boy who looked like Superman.

Learns about her past and finds out that hating life isn't all it is crack up to be. For a few seconds I honestly thought it was Aunt Iris coming back, but that thought was dismissed.

There will be mostly normal cann Chapter Two An hour or so passed before I heard the front door open and shut.

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At that second, his eyes widen in and slight look of fear. "Ok, I may never truly cause you bodily harm, but your face was hilarious to see."I then I glance around wonder wear my cousin was.

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