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You will run into the same people in Madrid (except the boring catalan, lol). In my opinion as far as Madrid vs Bcn goes, Madrid seems to be more of a "city of relationships".Since it's clearly impossible that all men in Barcelona fit only into the 6 catagories you have given it's possbile that you need to look for guys at different places, not cities. Barcelona definitely has a naturally born hook-up type culture because of the tourism, party/weather etc, while I've noticed living in Madrid that romance/commitment is alive and well.

My tinder bracket’s similar to your but I’m male, and I had no relevant experience I can be proud of to this day. Madrid has a special place in my heart for very romantic reasons that are personal to me, so this caught my attention. People from Madrid are among the most open, smooth, friendly, easy going people anywhere in Europe.Of course there's fuckboys, guys who have never left madrid and things like that here, but I think you might have a better chance at the dating scene here because people take it more seriously. But as someone else said, the key is to be in the kinds of place where you'd meet the kinds of men you'd want to date.I wouldn't expect to meet my soulmate at Kapital.I've been living here for three years and never had a serious relationship, even though I'm attractive and did put myself out there (dating apps plus going out plus hobbies).Yes, obviously I had guys interested in me, but it was always a one way street. I have to admit that I laughed at the concept of "the boring catalan." Will mention this to the people I know from there, lol. You'll meet #1, #3, and #4 for both genders in any big city.

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I've lived in New York, Madrid and Rome, and I will say you can meet lots of cool people in Madrid.

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