Steam an error occurred while updating disk read error mark ballas and chelsie hightower dating 2016

Basically, what happened is that a file didn’t allow to be edited with your current logged in account and it needed to be unlocked in a way to add necessary permissions for Steam to install it.

Your second option is to again locate the file and to simply rename or delete it. After that, open Steam Library and right-click on the game which has been causing issues.

This file is the one that needs to be unlocked or edited and you should navigate to the folder where the file is located.

This is similar to the antivirus problem, except it involves your firewall blocking Steam from doing things.The fix is the same, so you can check to see if this is the problem by temporarily disabling your firewall.We have a guide to using the default Windows 10 firewall, including instructions on how to allow an app or program through the firewall.You should be able to find it since it should be on the bottom if you recently tried to open the game.Additionally, it should be the longest line in the document and the text “Disk read failure” is at the end of the line.

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This time, the problem message goes like “An error occurred while updating [insert game here] (disk read error).

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