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Also, 300 residential care beds at Lagu¬ na Honda, the city’s geriatric and skilled nursing care facil¬ ity, will be eliminated.

“The battle is not over,” warned Bonfiglio, “No one has ever won one of these ad¬ ministrative review board proceedings.

We were fairly optimistic after we closed our case from the fact that the board had spent so long delib¬ erating that we might win this, but we all knew going in that our chances were very slim. {Photo: Judi Parks) Budget Battle Begets City Hall Brouhaha by Dennis Conkin San Francisco AIDS and healthcare activists who took over Mayor Jordan’s office of¬ fice on Tuesday, June 15, in a morning protest over pro¬ posed health service budget cuts were arrested and charged with disturbing the peace and malicious mischief.

We knew that the forum in which we would really get a fair hearing would be the Federal Court and we will be in Federal Court on July 16th if Clinton doesn’t lift the ban.” T Lieutenant Zoe Dunning of the U. Naval Reserve (left) and Captain Amy Dunning of the U. The activists were cited and released after they were booked at the Hall of Justice.

However, since Lee spent four months in jail while awaiting trial on charges that he intentionally spattered four police officers with his blood in a controversial case stemming from an October 1992 suicide attempt, he was credited with time served and will not have to go back to jail.

First of Two Sections Originally charged with four counts of assault, Lee was later charged with the at¬ tempted murder of the offi¬ cers who intervened in his suicide attempt, thereby com¬ ing in contact with his blood as they tried to subdue him.

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Defense arguments were based on the Ninth Circuit District Court’s ruling in Los Angeles this spring in the case of Naval Petty Officer Keith Meinhold.

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  1. The Constitution bench of the Supreme Court held that any exception placed on women because of biological differences violates the Constitution - that the ban violates the right to equality under Article 14, and freedom of religion under Article 25.