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“I hated my job,” she told me, “and every weekend and night I was reading through every cooking magazine, every cooking show, every cookbook. How often do we say “no” to the things that are calling us. I know for me I’ve been obsessed with many things throughout my life. Sometimes having more problems only means you have more choices. She was on track to make tens of millions of dollars? Maybe when the kids are older.” And how do we know what’s even calling us, what obsesses us? Be grateful that you even realize there is an interesting decision to be made here. If the worst-case is really awful then get creative and start listing all the possible jumps. Once I fell hard for an emotionally unavailable younger man who’d just left a live-in relationship with a woman he couldn’t commit to.It was an obvious red flag that I blatantly disregarded. Mostly because I was insanely attracted to him and craved physical contact.

If you do these past few sentences in reverse, that works also. What if Judy had jumped from Wall Street to being a chef and then found out she was awful at it? “First I was an editorial assistant at Saveur magazine,” she said. When you jump from one career to another there are MANY ways to turn that interest into a career.

The focus of the talk is still whatever it is I’m trying to say. If you can’t enjoy, if you can’t look inside yourself and smile – lighting up all of your insides – then you’ll never be able to smile at anyone else.

I relive each moment and try to think how I could’ve been better. Sometimes it’s great to do what you want to do, to not be worried about the consequences, to create more options in your life, and to finally take a deep breath and enjoy.

Like many women, once we started making love, I bonded quickly.

He, on the other hand, like many men, enjoyed the pleasure without bonding in the same way as I had.

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