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Politically, the concept of enosis — unification with the Greek "motherland" — became important to literate Greek Cypriots after Greece declared its independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1821.

A movement for the realization of enosis gradually formed, in which the Church of Cyprus played a dominant role during the Cyprus dispute.

During British rule (1878–1960), the British brought an efficient colonial administration, but government and education were administered along ethnic lines, accentuating differences.

Cypriot Greeks were now able to take control of the land they had been working on for centuries.

Greek Cypriot land was appropriated for the Latin churches after they were established in the major towns on the island.

In addition, tax collection was also part of the heavy oppressive attitude of the occupiers to the locals of the island, in that it was now being conducted by the Latin churches themselves.

1400 BC, then steadied (possibly due to Dorian invaders on the mainland) with definite settlements established in c. The Achaean tribe may have been an original population of the Peloponnese, Pamphylia, and Cyprus, living in the latter prior to the Dorian invasion, and not a subsequent immigrant group; the Doric elements in Arcadian are lacking in Cypriot.

The Byzantine era profoundly molded Greek Cypriot culture.

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The local Christians resumed practicing their religion in the only acceptable way they knew.

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