Updating asus eee kernel

The challenge in keeping the EEEPC going has been to find an operating system that can be installed and continue to work within the 4 GB size of the solid state drive of my EEEPC.

Further, the processor requirements for new operating systems have changed over the years.

After buying an EEEPC in early 2008, I kept the same operating system that came with the computer for a while.

The operating system was a custom version of Linux called Xandros and came in a tabbed interface which I switched to a full desktop mode (KDE) installation option.

System Rescue CD), or recompile the ath9k module for a custom Live USB.The specific release, 12.04 does not assume a PAE processor.I chose the 12.04 release also because it is a Long-Term Support (LTS) release which will be supported into April 2017.In 2011, I installed Linux Mint Release 11 (based on Debian and Ubuntu).(See the EEEPC Updates Old page for these previous updates.) By 2014, although my Linux Mint installation was still working, it was no longer being supported, so I re-examined the issues involved in updating the EEEPC and installed Ubuntu as described below.

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