Updating cisco 2514 ios

It also checks for posted security vulnerabilities in your hardware and software versions. Plus, you’ll sleep easier knowing you really have backed up all the things.Plus you can define standard config settings and NCM will check all your devices and tell you which are and are not compliant. Your Ansible server will need to be able to resolve the DNS hostname of your switch for this to work as written.- name: GATHER SWITCH FACTS FOR VERIFICATION ios_facts: - name: ASSERT THAT THE IOS VERSION IS CORRECT assert: that: - compliant_ios_version == ansible_net_version msg: "IOS version does not match compliant version." private: no - name: "should_reboot" prompt: "Do you want Ansible to reboot the hosts?

Network_cli uses SSH by default and credentials that I encrypted using Ansible Vault and stored in a hosts variable file on the Ansible server.

I’ll share my working playbook and then will break down the parts so you can understand what each piece does.

This should help you tailor it to your needs.--- - name: UPGRADE SUP8L-E SWITCH FIRMWARE hosts: switches connection: network_cli gather_facts: no vars_prompt: - name: "compliant_ios_version" prompt: "What is the compliant IOS version?

Here you could use any connection method you wanted since you’re just telling the switch what to do.

In my lab I’m just using the Free Solarwinds TFTP Server but you could user their Free SFTP/SCP server as well which would be more secure.

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Not only can it be used to automate updating, it also backs up your configs and performs vulnerability checks.

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