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Open a connection, create a data adapter object with a SELECT string, create a dataset object, call data adapter's FILL method to fill the dataset, and bind the dataset to the Data Grid. Default View Manager, which represents the default view of a Data Set object. Displaying the Order table data in a Data Grid The output of Listing 5-44 looks like figure 5-41. Filling data from an Access database to a Data Grid control using Ole Db Data Adapter The output of listing looks like figure 5-42. Filling data from a SQL server database to a Data Grid control using Sql Data Adapter Listing 5-45.

On the Ole Db Data Adapter button-click event handler, you'll write code to read data from an Ole Db data source and fill data to the data grid.

here is my code that retrieves and updates info from the db : Thank you for any help!!!!

dim dt Pub Table as New Data Table("Pub Authors") dim my Adapter as New Oledb Data Adapter sub filldg Pub Authors(pub ID as integer) Dim obj Connection as new Oledb Connection (Configuration Settings.

First, create a Windows application using Visual Basic projects and add two buttons and a Data Grid control to the form by dragging the controls form the toolbox to the form.

Second, set both button's Name property; use Ole Db Data Adapter and Sql Data Adapter.

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