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In firmware 1.21 and later, the Duet 2 Wi Fi and Duet 2 Ethernet use a common firmware binary file, which is named Duet2Combined However, if the current firmware on your Duet is 1.20 or earlier then it won't recognise that name as being a valid firmware binary.Sometimes we may do synchronised releases of firmware, where more than one firmware component needs to be updated at the same time to maintain compatibility.

If you are already running 1.19beta or RC version of Duet Wi Fi Firmware and Duet Wi Fi Server, you can upgrade them the 1.19 release individually through the web interface in the usual way.To remove an access point from the list, use the M588 command.You will need to do a simultaneous installation of Duet Wi Fi Firmware-1.18.2and Duet Wi Fi Server-1.03The reason for using a macro file is that USB host programs such as Pronterface normally convert characters to uppercase when sending commands, which is likely to make it impossible to send your network password correctly.You can optionally specify a static IP address by adding parameter to the M587 command.

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