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The full-throated crowds are seriously into the action, especially if things are tight late in the game.Nothing satisfies quite like draining a big three on the road and hearing the life sucked out of the building in a giant “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh…” as you put a dagger into the hopes of your opponent.Players can also track their players performance, morale and attitude during franchise mode to keep their players happy and content with their place on the team.There are also new cutscenes for the highlight reels and features online capabilities where players can compete in online leagues or face against another team head-to-head.A bunch of new back-of-the-box features are being used to sell 2K9, such as Living Rosters (a fancy way of getting roster updates a lot more often than in the past) and a new 5-on-5 mode allowing 10 individual gamers to all play together.These bells and whistles are nice and all, but what matters most is how the hoops are played on the court. Player likenesses and signature styles are lovingly detailed, from Shaq’s lumbering frame to Kobe’s slash-n-dash-n-rise and Vince Carter’s above-the-rim antics.

Gameplay is smooth as butter, too, rarely suffering from any serious “huh?Along with Roster Updates, NBA 2K7 featured a revamped 24/7 mode, which allowed you to become a famous street baller, tweaks to the Association mode, like the ability to set practices for the week to increase players attributes.Shaq graced the cover for the second year in a row.Other than a few minor quibbles – the visuals get choppy during the cutscenes between play and the Blacktop mode is a throwaway collection of uninteresting minigames – we’re utterly delighted with 2K’s latest ode to the hardwood.Besides, with the promise of Living Rosters and an always-impressive set of online options, there’s plenty to keep us entertained.

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Even though the competition this season is better than ever, NBA 2K9 puts the franchise back on top of the hoops heap.

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