Updating tc35 firmware

Two different input voltage ranges - 1.6 to 5.5 Volts as standard or optionally 0.8 to 3.3 Volts - cover all possible applications.

In high end real-time trace, the highly flexible pod and connector designs ensure a simple and, at the same time, efficient support of various trace protocols (e.g. Here too, the distance between the trace pod on the target and the base unit may also be up to 5 meters.

read more Efficient support of various trace protocols (e.g. Trace memory of up to 4 GBytes, a maximal trace stream width of 32-bit and possible trace signals up to 500 MHz and 3.125 Gbit/s in serial trace ...

The protocol analyzer we recommend is Profi Trace ( with the Oscilloscope Option.

Synchronization during debugging of several core/targets is achieved by the UAD3 hardware and firmware.It combines the state-of-the-art debugging features of the UAD2pro with trace capabilities, which makes it ideal for efficient debugging, test and system-level analysis. Besides a large number of powerful debug and trace interfaces, such as DAP, SWD, JTAG, c JTAG and LPD, the UAD2next also supports CAN and ASC interfaces for access to the target.Robust trace modules, which can be easily plugged in as needed, ensure a fast and efficient transfer of trace data from the target into the UAD2 The Universal Access Device3 , a further development of the already established UAD2 family, was particularly optimized for use in multicore and multi-target systems with high clock frequencies.With a powerful 32-bit Communication Unit based Universal Access Device, PLS presents an extremely rapid and flexible communication tool to access a multitude of popular 16-/32- and 64-bit microcontrollers.The Universal Access Device 2 is the new smart member of the UDE target Access Device family.

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