Updating to a new linux kernel

It will download the .deb's for you, install the new kernel, and optionally remove the old one (not recommended) then optionally reboot.

Example output (copied from my terminal): [email protected]:~$ sudo Kernel Update Checker -no-rc -r utopic Run this command to install the new kernel /tmp/kernel-update [email protected]:~# /tmp/kernel-update Config Notes: Rejecting Release Candidates Accepting Latest Kernel Accepting kernels compiled for utopic Accepting kernels with a version higher than 3.15.0-031500-lowlatency Information: Origin: Kernel Version: 3.15.1-031501 Release Date: 2014/06/16 @ (YYYY/MM/DD @ HH: MM) Care to look at the change log? (y=Yes, n=No) (n): n sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install python-bs4 python-apt cd /tmp rm -rf medigeek-kmp* wget https://github.com/medigeek/kmp-downloader/tarball/master -O gz tar xzf gz cd medigeek-* python -d If you don't want to go through the hassle to manually upgrade the kernel you can try UUKU.

If not, search around and I'm sure you'll find a tutorial you can follow such as this one.

(note that I haven't checked that one thoroughly so be wary as kernels are dangerous beasts) None of the above answers satisfied my problem of manually update the kernel to the latest stable version.

I'm updating my kernel regularly as provided by the Update Manager.. NOTE: The latest kernel version any user is supposed to use in Ubuntu is updated automatically via the Update Manager, so no action is normally required by user regarding kernel upgrades.

Though not recommended by some, you can often run official kernels from later versions of Ubuntu without issues.

I'm currently running the 3.3.3 precise kernel on oneiric and my machine works better than ever.

(My current laptop is very sensitive to RCs, Dell XPS 9365).

I created a shell script that searches for more recent kernel versions and shows them as options to be installed.

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