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However, I've also gotten in trouble by relying on those defaults on installations where they have specified alternate locations.JSA uses a reverse proxy lookup through an Apache server to collect data directly from Juniper X-Force Threat Intelligence servers on the Internet.

# Re-commenting a setting is NOT sufficient to revert it to the default value; # you need to reload the server.

#extra_float_digits = 0 # min -15, max 3 #client_encoding = sql_ascii # actually, defaults to database # encoding # These settings are initialized by initdb, but they can be changed. UTF-8' # locale for system error message # strings lc_monetary = 'en_US.

UTF-8' # locale for monetary formatting lc_numeric = 'en_US.

(Centos 6, Postgres 9.3 demonstrated here) [[email protected] /]# yum -y install postgresql93 postgresql93-server [[email protected] /]# ls /var/lib/pgsql/9.3/data/ [[email protected] /]# [[email protected] /]# service postgresql-9.3 initdb Initializing database: [ OK ] [[email protected] /]# ls /var/lib/pgsql/9.3/data/ base pg_pg_serial pg_subtrans pg_xlog global pg_log pg_snapshots pg_tblspc pg_clog pg_multixact pg_stat pg_twophase pg_pg_notify pg_stat_tmp PG_VERSION [[email protected] /]# If you followed the white paper put out by Amazon for installing Postgresql on AWS, which included creating a /data/ directory on a filesystem mounted on a separate EBS volume, then your file is in /data/ From which I conclude the file is created during initialisation of the data directory, and resides in the root of the data dir.

For a default install this appears to be /var/lib/pgsql/data, but not if you moved the data dir I like this thread because it documents the default locations for various files on various architectures...

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max_connections = 100 # (change requires restart) # Note: Increasing max_connections costs ~400 bytes of shared memory per # connection slot, plus lock space (see max_locks_per_transaction). # It is not advisable to set max_prepared_transactions nonzero unless you # actively intend to use prepared transactions.

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