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Valid Values: , the driver uses SQL Server authentication, Kerberos authentication, or NTLM authentication when establishing a connection.

The driver selects an authentication method based on a combination of criteria, such as whether the application provides a user ID, the driver is running on a Windows platform, and the driver can load the DLL required for NTLM authentication.

--Remove the temp table if exisits IF OBJECT_ID('tempdb..#XMLTemp') IS NOT NULL DROP TABLE #XMLTemp GO --Create the temp table CREATE TABLE #XMLTemp (Id int, Name varchar(32), XML_Data xml) --Insert values INSERT INTO #XMLTemp VALUES (1, 'AAA', '') --select the values SELECT * FROM #XMLTemp --Select all attribute values in a node where attr2 has value 32 SELECT Name , C.value('@attr1', 'int') as Attribute1 , C.value('@attr2', 'int') as Attribute2 , C.value('.', 'varchar(10)') as Node Value FROM #XMLTemp CROSS APPLY #XMLTemp.

XML_Data.nodes('My Root/Data') as X(C) where C.value('@attr2', 'int') = 33 --Update attr2 value to 66666666666 if its value is 33 UPDATE #XMLTemp SET XML_Data.modify('replace value of (/My Root/Data[@attr2="33"]/@attr2)[1] with "66666666666" ') --select the values.

If the specified authentication method is not supported by the database server, the connection fails and the driver throws an exception.

If errors are reported, the update count is not reported.

The default is The name of the application to be stored in the database.

If the driver cannot load the DLL, the driver throws an exception.

The driver ignores any user ID or password specified.

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If a port number for the primary server is unspecified, a default port number of 1433 is used.

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