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If the values match the assertion passes, otherwise it fails.Let's jump right in, here is a login response message that we want to validate; Basically we want to check for the login Response and sessionid elements in the SOAP Body, but ignore the actual value of the sessionid since it will change between each request.A piece of program logic, however, needs an XML schema against which it can validate XML instances.XML validation is a crucial part of predictable and efficient processing of XML instances.Check out their website to get details on supported standards, reference documentation, etc.The XPath assertion applies a specified XPath expression to the received message and validates the resulting nodes against an expected value.The W3C XML specification states that a program should not continue to process an XML document if it finds a validation error.

Preventing and solving errors in your projects can be time consuming and frustrating.A person can verify if the documents adhere to a set conventions about how vehicle elements should be used.For example, a person can tell that the this XML instance is invalid: We know that a motorcycle typically has two wheels and doesn't have a sunroof.Let's have a look at each together with some examples!Quick Tip: Both the XPath and XQuery Match assertions make use of the Saxon XPath / XQuery processor which supports most of the latest standards in this area.

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Knowing the structure of an XML document saves the developer from writing unnecessary conditional application logic.

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