Validating identity netgear windows xp

there will not be 2 there even though you technically added another one.

I just purchased a Netgear wireless-N 300 router (upgraded from a G router because I was constantly experiencing dropped connections) and two of my laptops were having a problem connecting to the router.

For some reason though I had to set the router to WEP instead of WPA for some reason.

Also the fact that my laptop had service pack 1 when I reinstalled made the wireless setup page look different.

Sometimes you have to remove your router from the list and re add it to work. It took less then 5 minutes to upgrade the drivers and both systems connected without any problem at all.

First problem was the widows was unable to find a certificate, then I decided to put in the passphrase and it would not be accepted giving another error message.

Both computers have been running successfully for the past few months.

Then I selected the Association tab and proceeded to reenter my Network SSID and further Info. But, Make sure you make note of how the settings were on the Association page before you start the process. Finally, this will replace your wireless network settings for you network on that list. I clicked the Association tab and wrote everything down.

there will not be 2 there even though you technically added another one. Then I clicked cancel and went back to the page where I found the my wireless network and selected the Add button.

I will keep persisting I was just trying to fix this on my dads laptop.

The reason we got into this mess was because we just enabled WPA-PSK on our router.

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My work laptop which is an N and was running Windows XP SP3 was fine.

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