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Following one of the options above should begin your software installer.

From this point, you can follow the installer’s prompts until your software has been successfully installed.

MS Access is an ideal information management tool for a small company or department.

MS Access allows for relatively rapid development and quick implementation with little assistance from IT or other groups.

If you have completed Step Three, you should now have the installation file on your computer. We have included three options below for opening and using an ISO file.

If you get an error message at any point during these steps, you can find some troubleshooting tips here.

To accept the agreement terms: You can find product keys associated with your software by clicking the Key tab under the Downloads and Keys section of the VLSC.

If your Microsoft donation request has been successfully processed, and you are ready to install your software, please follow the steps outlined below.

Technical questions about these programs should be directed to Microsoft.

Not sure what we mean by organizational email address?

This section of our FAQ explains where to find your organizational email.

If you have not received one of these emails within 5 business days of submitting your request please confirm that the organizational email address on your account is up to date, check carefully through your SPAM folder, and then contact support at [email protected]

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