Video seks mak datin america christian dating advice or teens

We arrived home and my wife was in bed sleeping, we had not been getting on to well for a while and if I wanted to fuck her I had to just about rape her, but that was okay in my mind because she was my wife and it was her duty.

I poured us a couple of drinks and we sat around and talked everything under the sun; finally getting around to the subject of sex.

I think it was the alcohol that did it but now that the idea was in my mind I had a raging hard on.

I left the bedroom; Brian was waiting just outside the door watching us.It didn't take long for me too blow my load to mixed with Brian's.After a while when it was all over and Brian had left, Angela said to me, "I hope you enjoyed that because that's the last time you'll ever get your cock in to me." Needless to say we're no longer married but I think it was worth it. My friend Brian and I had been out all night drinking, when I decided it would be good to go back to my place for a nightcap.I quietly told Brian to strip off and wait outside the bedroom door for my signal.When he was naked I saw that his cock was a good 8" much bigger than I'd thought it would be.

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