Visual studio 2016 validating xml schema

Is this something that is supposed to work, or are we missing something.

@Erjan Gavalji did you compare the Completion Provider interface with Autocomplete-plus. Completion Provider doesn't make assumptions about the language.I have so far a (very) simple autocompletion for elements and attributes and a simple validation via parser by xml2js and xmlchecker using xml schemas from a storage. I would like to extend xmlcheck, as it does seem to incorrectly validate xml when the namespace is used in the same tag as it is defined: = Error but I don't know much about peg/syntax.Furthermore, I just tested it to fulfill my needs on the ui5 xml xsd's, which may or may not cover the whole bandwidth of xsd definitions. I don't particularly need generic XML intellisense myself, but I'm happy to collaborate in building it if anyone else is interested :) This issue has been closed because it is not within the scope of the core product, but could be addressed by an extension. @errorx666 This extension leverages the Language Server Protocol ('ve noticed that your extension doesn't validate or provide intellisense for XSLT/XSL or XSD files automatically. Second, although the xsl namespaced elements seem to get validation and intellisense, other xml namespaced elements fail validation, even with an explicit schema declaration.I've therefore used the file association facility with the following settings, using the schemas supplied with Visual Studio Mac. Finally, I get a schema file error with the file, so can't validate XSD documents.

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