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gui gui is known to get close to her co-stars, she was even rumoured with xiao gui who also acted in Pi… The cast of Meng gui fo tiao qiang - 1988 includes: Chuen Chan as Uncle Liang Deborah Dik as Mrs.

gui gui is a member of hey has filmed 2 dramas with aaron yan. they are Wu chun,jiro wang, Calvin chen, AARON YAN. Chang Victor Hon as Ghost Father Clifton Ko as Chan Dai-Man Loletta Lee as Jane Bill Tung as Bill Chang Wai Wai Fan Wei Yee as Ho Manfred Wong as Bespectacled Exorcist Cheuk Yan Chan as Yan-Yan Simon Yip as Student Driver The cast of Tao yan gui - 1980 includes: Po Chang Chun Chieh Liu Chung Chien Shih Chin as (Guest star) Ching Feng Chiang Ching Hsien Mao Yen Hsiung Bi Hui Fu Kuo Sheng Ting Feng Shih Shu Tao Chien Tsao Sun Wang Sabrina Ho has: Performed in "Gwai ma hau yuen" in 1986.

It may have sounded like a sweet first kiss, but Alien claims when it happened he felt like he had just been punched.

The pair have already filmed some scenes together and Rainie described Alien as “extremely nervous” and “walking very stiffly” on the first day of filming. There is a kiss in store for the pair to film in the future, and when asked about this, Alien replied that his thoughts and imagination about the upcoming scene are limitless.

With a new album release nearly every year since her singing career began in 2005, Taiwanese actress/singer Rainie Yang (楊丞琳) will continue the trend when she releases her eighth studio album, Angel Wings , on August 23.

According to Rainie, Angel Wings is the album with which she was the most satisfied during the recording process.

Just like any normal girl, Rainie Yang looks forward that one day in the future she will find her true love.

But Rainie actually hates spending Valentine’s Day she would rather have a full schedule on that day.

When recording this track, Rainie would sometimes shift from illusory softness to unrestrained fervor, thus displaying her vocal prowess in expressing her mood.

There's even a couple name coined for them (Gui Lun)!

I myself am a Gui Lun fan :) well, nobody knows for sure but we do know that gui gui likes aaron.

Qin Ai begins to wonder why she is the only person who can “see” Hai An and if he's actually dead and appearing before her as a ghost.

Whatever may be going on, it's obvious that Hai An has no intention of leaving her alone and negotiates with Qin Ai to live with her.

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