Webcam chat infidelity

Lori I, too, am wondering about the swinging background on you guys. You need to decide between each other what is and is not acceptable and stick to it.

Maybe it was with someone and I am guessing that is why he apologized. You must have an honest relationship with yourself. You love this man dearly, I can tell by your words. Its not unusual for my wife to start giving me a bj when I'm cybering and I will often start playing with her clit when she is. In continious: A while back we were chatting with another swinger couple. So of course, I'm very troubled and wondering what is going on! Oh, now I can't get her to return email back to me.?? I guess before I comment further I need to know if you have or have not been swingers in your past or if you are technically webcammers.

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) Don't worry about your posts, I post all the time tired and have quite often been referred to as crazy. I also agree with the others that said you really need to sit down and talk about these issues.

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I left that morning to go to work, and he was in the bed. Well that morning I tried to call him, and got no answer. When he unlocked the door, so I could enter our bedroom. But he at the same time, felt like he hadn't done nothing wrong. So here is this situation, and would love for ya'll to reply back, I need help (advice) with this situation.

Webcam on the tri-pod, valentine's boxer shorts are on the floor, at the computer desk. This is the reason I came home, on my lunch break, so I could wake him. He said, he was going to take pics of him first, and that the cam wasn't working correctly. Needless to say, he apologized many times for what he had done.

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