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Hampton is considered the happening place in the NE for Lesbians. As a current student of Bryn Mawr, I know definitely that we were “paired” with Princeton, although I have no idea why and our male counterparts at Haverford always seem to get offended when we mention this, perhaps because they are jealous of penn/ princeton.

and yes, parking all through philly and the main line suckss my dad was one of the first co-ed classes out of vassar, and he has always claimed that vassar was yale’s sister school.

But with Haverford being so much closer, I imagine that would be a much more viable social connection.

MIT was bunched with the Ivies for financial aid packages, when I was doing college placement.

The original Ivies, Harvard Yale Columbia Brown Princeton Dartmouth and UPenn, were all supposedly paired with one of the seven sister schools, Mount Holyoke College, Vassar College, Wellesley College, Smith College, Radcliffe College, Bryn Mawr College, and Barnard College. Having gone to one of the sisters, I can say that there was no official affiliations (due to proximity) except for H & R, C & B. At Wellesley, the girls dated men from most of the Ivies – Penn was a far piece, but there were good trains; the ride from Cambridge to Wellesley was 30 minutes. Today MIT is part of the Ivy League, mainly to insure that the Financial aid packages from the 8 schools are the same…buying of students there. Skidmore girls married men from Union College…proximity and academic parity were the usual connections. The Claremont Consortium, Mid Western Consortium (Oberlin, Kenyon, Carlton, Coe, etc, 12 College Exchange: (Amherst, Bowdoin, Conn. My son got a Wesleyan degree, took a semester in Paris under the aegis of Smith, took a semester off and made it up w.

For example, Harvard was paired with Radcliffe, before they merged, and Barnard with Columbia. I married two guys from the same class at Harvard, not at the same time, of course. Socially, Smithies dated Yalies…Smith has an academic connection to the other four colleges in the Pioneer Valley- Mt. College, Dartmout, O’Neill Nat’l Theatre Institute, Smith, Trinity, Vassar, Wesleyan, Wheaton, Williams/Mystic Seaport Maritime Studies). The programs try to minimize the red tape; there are many more similar arrangements but the schools keep their integrity. a 5 in AP English and at Dartmouth, which has a summer Trimester for three credits.

Content Header .feed_item_answer_user.js-wf-loaded . We stopped going to the Flower Show (absolutely spectacular) due to parking issues. But I have many Wellesley friends and classmates married to Yalies. During the week it was dirty hair and gymsuits; then a miraculous transformation on Friday.Today, there is a very large Lesbian population at Wellesley, Holyoke, and Smith-N.So Vassar went co-ed, under the condition that one dorm would remain all-women.When I took my official campus visit 2 years ago, Strong Dorm was still single sex.

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