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Even being gay was no problem for him; his cute face and slim body could secure sex anytime he wanted through his favorite dating app.

His brother, Thomas, on the other hand, was the complete opposite.

There’s another bed in there from when Wes used to room with him, so make yourselves comfortable.” Thomas and Brennan thanked the parents, then headed upstairs. Brennan began to loosen up after a few glasses of wine, and seemed to be just as genial and good natured as Thomas, with a penchant for telling tales, and a great sense of humor as well. He’s a vampire, I tell ya.” “Well, it’s never too late to change, dad,” Thomas said. He helped his mom clear the table after dinner, and Brennan approached him and asked what kind of games he played. He was going to make a hypnosis recording, laced with subliminals, and plant his phone next to Brennan’s bed on his old night stand. Wes glanced up the stairs and was stunned as Brennan descended.

Wes quietly observed and listened to Brennan as he talked more about himself. ” The table went quiet, partially stunned by Wes’s inquiry, the first he had spoken at the table. Wes was delighted that he and Brennan shared the same taste, and even offered to play a few games on the console downstairs, before heading up to bed. He knew Brennan would be fatigued, making him far more suggestible, which would mean it’d be easier to convert his sleep into a trance. He was wearing a thin white V neck shirt, high cut running shorts, and nothing else.

Thought we were gonna have to put his picture on one those milk carton ads,” their father said, a line he used every single time when introducing Wes. It was still early in the night, not even ten yet, as Wes furiously searched for every article and book on hypnosis he could find in his belongings.

“Hi Thomas.” Wes and his brother exchanged polite hugs. If there was one thing he was fully confident in, it was his talent to hypnotize anyone.

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Wes felt his heart almost seize, and time seemed to slow as he gazed at this new stranger, who was almost angelic in his attractiveness.He heard his parents fawning over Thomas downstairs and rolled his eyes, and decided he had better make an appearance.Once that was done, he could lock himself in his room, unbothered by Thomas and whatever bleeding heart he brought home this time (and he had brought so many in the past few years).His proclivities were not a result of his lack of self esteem, or intelligence, or money, or even looks.He was, in fact, quite a good looking young man, with slim features, and a very nice smile, and was more than capable of taking care of himself. He had no intention of applying himself when there was no need to; everything in his life worked perfectly so far.

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