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Exhibit 1: Firefighter Denise Root regularly used the bathroom at a local gas station because the one at the fire station was unavailable.

(And it took the pressure off of me to start my own clothing line and open a shop ;) ha-ha.) Not only does Angela make an vast array of sizes, but her clothing also fits other problem areas. (Have you ever had the unsightly gap on a buttoned blouse?

“I, like almost every other female firefighter in Long Beach, have been walked in on when I was naked,” said Sherratt in a court declaration for a federal lawsuit.

“Not only was the experience humiliating, but for several years later, men would approach me to discuss the incident.” Meanwhile, private bedrooms and bathrooms for captains were built at one station. discourage other women firefighters from applying to work as Long Beach firefighters,” said Rindone’s federal suit.

She was absolutely gorgeous (she had a face like Dita Von Teese, who Angela has made clothing for, by the way) and she was buying a peasant top for an event that evening.

She revealed to me that her problem was getting clothes that fit her bust, and that the Peasant Tops always fit.

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