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She relates the picking up of poop, the bliss when they jump into her lap and, despairingly, their territory-hogging viciousness.

Her blog makes it clear how politically engaged Walker is and we meet just after the US has started bombing Libyan targets.

A sign on the 67-year-old author’s gate bestows peace on all visitors.

Inside are Buddhas and shrines crowded with trinkets, skulls, photographs of loved ones and political activists.

(1982), which depicts the growing up and self-realization of a Southern black woman between 19.

Growing up in Georgia, she was the eighth child of her father Willie Lee, a share-cropper, and mother Minnie, a part-time maid.

At the same age she was shot, she was also tasked with wringing the neck of one of the family’s chickens, which signified “a rupture in the relationship to the animal: once you start killing something to eat it, you destroy a relationship based on tenderness” . “We were playing cowboys and indians, and because I was a girl, I was an indian.

“I’d hoped as president he would act more in moral terms, or with instinctive, passionate, direct action.

Now I feel he’s playing along with some fairly evil personalities around him: bankers and such.

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, her Pulitzer-winning feminist blockbuster (still one of the five most read books in America) about a black woman’s battle for survival and independence, later made into a film by Steven Spielberg, but in recent years Walker’s fiction and nonfiction have turned inwards to spirituality and self-examination.

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