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He lost his grandfather on July 24 while he was on his honeymoon. He started singing and writing songs since the early age of 13.

After infertility issues with his wife for two years, the spouse announced the pregnancy on May 16, 2017. The gender will be revealed at a gender party in some weeks.. He studied at Georgia College and State University in order to be a marriage and relationship counselor. He also played baseball and football in his high school.

I can honestly say I’ve never been happier.” With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s a beautiful story when two best friends end up happier ever after.

“With her, she’s my best friend, too, so finally having somebody to actually share all of this with and somebody that knows me very well, that I can vent to and that can vent to me …

Later in June 2015, he got married to a schoolteacher, Amber Cochran, who had inspired him to write his singles ““, etc.However the “One Hell of an Amen” singer didn’t always feel so strongly about marriage.“For a long time in my life, I was dead set on not getting married and not going through all that.I was just single for life,” Gilbert told reporters at a recent media event.“After [dating Kramer] — not that there was anything wrong with her; she’s an awesome person — but when something like that doesn’t work out, that was something I swore I was only going to do once, and that was close enough, and I was done.” Cochran never really left Gilbert’s heart after they parted ways, which makes it all the more sweeter they ended up together.

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“You’ll hear her in most of my songs,” he shared on the Bobby Bones radio show in October 2014 when he announced their engagement.

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