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He was chosen by the Ford Motor Company as one of the select few individuals to purchase a 2017 Ford GT, after making several comments in videos in 2016 that Ford was setting up a selection process, noting it would be very unlikely that he would be chosen. Later Maron assisted in the creation of a mobile game called Fortress Fury, and created a new channel of the same name where he uploaded tutorial videos for the game.

On May 15, 2015, he created a channel called "Captain Sparklez 2", where he began uploading unedited videos of his Twitch live streams, uncut videos, and other content which he felt did not belong on his main channel.

Maron later created his main channel "Captain Sparklez" on July 2010, uploading both Minecraft and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 gameplay before focusing mainly on Minecraft.

Maron and the XREAL's legal team were not informed of this, because Bethesda had been keeping Shelter a secret at the time and did not reveal its existence until its release on June 14, 2015.Maron started a mobile gaming company called XREAL with Howard Marks, co-founder and former CEO of Activision and cofounder of Acclaim Games and Start Engine.XREAL released their game Fortress Fury in May 2015, which received over 1.5 million downloads within its first month of launch.On March 27, 2016, he created "Maron Music", a music promotion channel where he would share other artists music, as well as his own original music.On February 9, 2017, Maron created a dedicated channel for his personal vlogs.

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  1. I know some fans can be irrational and hold on to their hate because they expect certain things they read in their books but I can't seeing anyone being that irrational when faced with a result that delivers what First Class manages to deliver.