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Benson follows the victim to her apartment—which is already way out of line—and pleads with her to come back to the hospital and get a rape kit done.When the victim refuses, Benson actually sneaks into her bedroom and steals her underwear.But she admits that she never should have said those things to him. ) Finally, she knocks him to the floor and kicks him relentlessly.A detective who aims to bring rapists to justice should not encourage or tolerate prison rape. Captain Cragen has to run in to stop Benson from beating the guy to a pulp.But Benson is distracted by a phone call from the girlfriend of her newly discovered brother.When Stabler tells Benson to go down 67, she says “copy” even though she didn’t actually hear what he said.She has disregarded the wishes of victims, abused her power, and allowed people to get hurt due to her gross negligence.Sure, her heart is usually in the right place, but we can’t just brush off her major screw-ups.

In season 11, episode 9, Detective Benson is framed for murder.

As Captain Cragen points out when he reprimands detective Stabler, rape victims’ wishes need to be respected no matter what, otherwise they will not feel comfortable coming forward.

In addition to violating the 14-year-old girl’s right to privacy, Benson and Stabler put her in more danger just with their presence.

Maybe when you’re raped, you’ll understand what you put those women through.” When Harrison was indeed raped in prison, he thought Detective Benson had arranged it.

Granted, Benson did not actually arrange for Harrison to be raped. It's episode 19 of season 8 when Detective Benson absolutely loses her shit in an interrogation. Then she says, "Those big boys in prison are gonna love your pussy pervert ass up there." (WTF?

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