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It was not until her third album, a homage to the Nat King Cole Trio recorded in 1996, that she really hit her stride.

The personnel on Krall’s version reads as follows: Diana Krall – vocals, piano; Anthony Wilson – guitar; John Clayton – bass; Jeff Hamilton – drums; Paulinho Da Costa – percussion; produced by Tommy Li Puma and Diana Krall; recorded and mixed by Al Schmidt and Steve Genewick; recording studio – Capitol Studios, Hollywood, California.

I like the idea that concert begins, and it's like putting needle to wax.

The music doesn't need the visuals, the music's strong enough on it's own, but this is something I've been cooking up my whole life. I built it out of the kit and read 'Carrying the Fire'.

Her height is 5 feet and 8 inches and ethnicity is Canadian. Her father was Jim Krall who was an accountant and mother was Adella who was an elementary school teacher.

Jim played piano in his house and Adella used to sing in the community choir.

That's why I didn't want to do this kind of flapper, get-your-ukelele-thing, because there's a darkness to it, a tragic element.[on her family] They were really poor - they're coal miners - but they had a piano, so everybody played and I think my dad started taking some of the collection money on the way to church and buying 78s.

That music was what they listened to, and people came over because they couldn't afford to go out.

Part of the snobbery, I suspect, might have arisen because she made her name recording popular standards.Everyone came to their house and brought bottles - whatever they had.I have tapes of it too, recordings of all of us singing together.[on Tony Bennett] We have continual arguments about whether rock 'n' roll swings, which of course it absolutely does.On December 11, 2009, Billboard magazine named her the second Jazz artist of the 2000–09 decade, establishing her as one of the best-selling artists of her time.Love Scenes (1997) quickly became a hit record with the trio of Krall, Russell Malone (guitar) and Christian Mc Bride (bass).

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