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Over the past thirty years, technology has grown in importance in the everyday lives of just about everyone on Earth.

It has changed how we work, how we play, and even how we learn.

Located around top spots of Central London – this event will take you on a mission to discover exactly.

Join us for a private weekend with HAYLEY QUINN and her top team of dating coaches and lifestyle experts.

Although the current online dating market is quite robust, consisting of a variety of platforms and mobile apps, there's one problem that has dogged the industry from the very beginning: it still relies on humans to come up with the parameters that make a good match.

12.00-13.00 Philosophy Module on Hayley’s Vantage Point Philosophy This is a game changer for your approach to dating and will change how you interact with men.You will get an access all areas pass into his mind so you can better understand the men in your life. Finale Women’s Night Out Your last night time field session.We will take you to an exclusively chosen night time venue and / or event to practice meeting men in real life.It has also changed the way we go about finding romantic partners and potential mates.In fact, that particular use of technology dates back much farther than most people even realize.

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